Brooke Conrad is the star of A Different Diamond.
Here are some fun facts about her:

Age:          16

Birthday:    October 24

School:              Silver Lake High School
                                 Go Sharks!

Favorite Color:    Green

Hometown: Everett, Washington
                         (she's originally from San Diego)

Favorite Group:   Green Day

Favorite Food:     Pad Thai

Position:     Shortstop

Select Team:      Eastside Angels

Injury Report:      Broken toe nail, concussion,
                         busted thumb, sprained fingers,
                         bloody lip, broken arm
                         (Brooke is tough, but she gets
                         injured a lot. She's accident prone)

Boyfriend:          None, but she likes Alex Anderson
                         and Jamie Stephens

Ex-boyfriends:    Bobby "Spyder" Sullivan
                         (he was a terrible boyfriend)
                         Hugh Smith
                         (he was even worse)


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Brooke plays baseball and softball.
A Different Diamond
Brooke Conrad