Rachel Adams is the star of Fastpitch Fever.
Here are some fun facts about her:

Age:                           14

Birthday:      October 24

School:                       Jefferson Middle School
                                        Go Jaguars!

Favorite Color:      Blue

Hometown:                  Seattle, Washington

Favorite Artist:             Avril Lavigne

Favorite Food:      Anything Italian

Position:                     Second Base

Select Team:               Washington Wildcats

Idol:      Erin Anderson
                                  (she's the star second
                                  baseman for UCLA)

Injury Report:              She was hit in the mouth
                                 by a grounder; thank
                                 goodness for her braces
                                 or she would have lost
                                 all of her front teeth.

Boyfriend:                   Her dad won't let her have
                                 one because he thinks
                                 she's too young. He sucks.
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Rachel loves to hit home runs.
Fastpitch Fever
Rachel Adams